SEO Increases Foot Traffic

If you are a business or retail store, placing on Page One of Google, either using white hat SEO or pay-per-click with GoogleAds, is paramount to driving foot traffic. Various sources cite different amounts, but over 50% of Google Searches are for local businesses. Here are 6 basic steps to follow:
  • Design a mobile-friendly website

    • A website optimized for mobile devices is smart not just for ease of browsing, but also for helping Google’s bots do their job of analyzing its content
    • In 2018, Google rolled out its Mobile First algorithm, which means that the engine now bases its rankings on the mobile version of websites
  • List every store consistently, accurately

    • Whether you operate two or 20 locations, retailers need to ensure that information is live and up to date on each store if you want all of them to rank.
    • Consistency will be key for each location and each business directory link. For instance, a store might located at "5204 Mott Street." However, if its operator uses that format in one directory but lists "5204 Mott St., 60113" in another, Google’s bots might not see them as the same listed store
  • Use Regional/Local Key Words

    • When labelling stores in a website’s local pages or directory listings, retailers must include a town, neighbourhood or another indicator of the store’s specific location, whether in regard to one store in a smaller town or several within a larger city
  • Encourage client reviews with incentives

    • It shows authority and trustworthiness to your customers and helps search engines with your relevance
  • Advertise local listings through Google Ads

    • Using local keywords and phrases will help drive traffic. Use Google Ads for short-term promotions and leverage white hat SEO to get long-term placement on Page One
    • Google Ads, unless you have an unlimited budget, usually expire at some point in the day. Using SEO enables your business to stay on page one 24/7/365.
  • Connect with the community to get links, mentions

    • Google SEO loves links. Mentions in local newspapers and blogs make locals aware of your store and help Google verify that your store is legitimate and relevant

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