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Our logo is derived from our profit model. It is what drives us every day. Fundamentally, we believe in the philosophy of “Doing Well By Doing Good.”

Our profit model is broken into the following four parts:

  • We believe in earning a fair economic profit for our skills and expertise so we can provide for our employees and their

  • We employ a profit-sharing model with our team.

The following 3 components of our Quad Profit ModelTM will be determined by our Client base on an annual basis.  We will select 4-5 charities for each bucket and have our clients vote on helping us where we should contribute.

  • We need to protect Mother Earth for the future. We are passionate about multiple causes and want to help those organizations dedicated to the environment.

  • We enjoy longer, healthier, and better lives today due to advancements within the medical sector. We want to help people live longer and healthier lives.  Here we will focus on Cancer, Heart and Stroke, and Mental Illness institutions.

  • Everyone knows children are the future. We need to educate and help those children in need and help families who cannot afford to provide their children with the care they need.